Things to ask any newborn photographer... 


1. How many years have you been working as a newborn photographer and approximately how many babies have you handled at this point? 

Anney Jasinski Photography: I have been working as a newborn photographer for almost 6 years. Beyond my own two boys (7 and 5) I have handled hundreds of newborns and with a boutique studio I handle around 30 newborns per calendar year. 

2. What are the safety practices you have in place in your studio specifically geared toward newborn clients?

Anney Jasinski Photography: There are numerous safety precautions taken prior and during any newborn session. Starting with making sure my clients are always well prepped for the experience, so they may be dressed appropriately for hotter conditions and know what to expect throughout a session before arrival . Babies are always posed with help of an assistant or parent and never unsupported without human hands. Sanitation is a huge priority before and throughout the session with personal hand washing/sanitizing and all props/ blankets used are laundered with Dreft detergent twice. We also use weighted lights and backdrops, newborn posing cushions, and countless other precautions are taken to ensure your little ones safety. 

​3.  Will my newborn be supported by human hands in all upright positions as well as any posing requiring suspension? 

Anney Jasinski Photography: Absolutely! There will never be an unsafe situation for your little one, newborns have very specific areas that are safe to hold in certain poses, parent's will always be trained before being asked to hold in position. Suspension poses are composite works (i.e. two pictures or more combined to one) to give the illusion of suspension, while your little one remains safely grounded. 

4. Do you work with an assistant or provide spotters at your sessions? If not, will you allow me to spot my baby during the session?

Anney Jasinski Photography: I offer internships throughout the year, so it may be possible to bring an assistant (you will be asked before hand and able to decline). Most of the sessions I rely on parents for a few poses (with quick training), there is no one that looks out for your little one like yourself. Plus, it's just fun to see them in all these cute poses.

5. What will happen in the case of illness, your own or otherwise?

Anney Jasinski Photography: If it is my own illness the parents are immediately notified of my illness and the newborn session will be rescheduled at least 4 days after the illness (newborn sessions can be scheduled up until 3 weeks of age). If rebooking dates don't work, your retainer fee will be refunded and you will be given a professional referral for another photographer of similar style and price. 

If you or your newborn should get sick, the option to reschedule or keep the appointment is yours. 

6. Are you currently up to date on necessary vaccines needed when working with a pregnant or newborn population?

Anney Jasinski Photography: All of my (and any assistant I may have) is up to date with all vaccinines and precautionary measures in place, to ensure the safest situation possible. 

7. Are you a member of an organization or association directly servicing newborn photographers and their educational needs? 

Anney Jasinski Photography: I am constantly continuing my education and a member of the Accredited Professional Newborn Photography International, whose goal is to educate photographers not only on camera technicality, but also safety, business practices, parents resources,  and the latest industry trends.